War Thunder

Posted on Sep 29 2014 - 1:25pm by vontiatix


Dieses MMO-Kampfspiel bietet dir die Möglichkeit den 2. Weltkrieg in der Schlacht mitzuerleben. Du kämpfst als Kampfpilot in der Luft, hast aber auch die Möglichkeit dich auf dem Land oder auf See zu bestreiten.
Solo missions, dynamic campaigns and much more for single-player and cooperative gameplay. Enjoy the Instant Action basic mode and unlock new aircraft and improve your crew skills by gain experience points. As multiplayer mode, it´s available a four player coop dynamic combat. As group of four, you can influence the war and change the course of history. Choose between two main categories of arming: Aviation and Ground Vehicles. There are 5 mains type of aircrafts: fighters, attackers, bombers, premium aircraft, gift aircraft. The ground vehicles are divided in seven main categories: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, anti-aircraft vehicles, premium vehicles and gift vehicles. The battles will take place in many different in-game locations: from the Ardennes mountain range on the border of Belgium and Germany to the Perl Harbor U.S. Navy base in the pacific. War Thunder it´s one of most versatile game. You can find it on Steam, PS4 and as Free to Play game for your PC. The graphic is simply astonishing, supported by authentic sound effects, and beautiful music. War Thunder puts the players in a situation where he has to aim, control, dodge, and maintain balance with their aircraft in order to play well. These qualities make for a great interactive game. The view settings are very advanced. You can choose between a wide selection of views, each of them characterized by different combinations of intuitive control of your plane and convenient ways to view the aircraft whilst in combat. The views are determined by the type of plane.