Goodgame Empire

Posted on Sep 29 2014 - 1:23pm by vontiatix


Im Browserspiel Goodgame Empire wirst du zum Burgherren und musst nicht nur eine schlagkräftige Armee erschaffen und sie strategisch gegen deine Feinde einsetzten, sondern auch deine eigene Stadt aufbauen und diese wirtschaftlich vorantreiben.
After producing the first resources and gaining some experience, it´ll be time to assemble a might army to defend your realm. train up some troops to attack a nearby AI robber baron castle, and easy enough task that yielded some extra XP and resources for our efforts. The higher the level of player the more troops and resources are needed as a prerequisite to challenge them. It´s still possible to take your chance and attack them, but found that attacking just simply impossible without meeting this number of troops. The user interface and graphics are extremely clean and easy to navigate around. The game is very colourful, simple but elegant. it has a nice style and the game-play is very easy to pick up. You will find very useful the in-game chat. Players are encouraged to build alliances between their empires in order to take down other players. Gain Honor (that´s the type of points you need for your ranking) by engaging other players in Empire vs. Empire battles. Challenge other players and destroy any opposition, to become the ruler of a legacy!