Forge of Empires

Posted on Sep 29 2014 - 1:12pm by vontiatix


Erbaue deine eigene Stadt und lasse sie stetig wachsen. Nutze deine Ressourcen geschickt ein und errichte ein Imperium. Wenn du dieser Aufgabe gewachsen bist, dann spiele jetzt mit!
Explore territories, build an army and conquer nearby provinces while obtaining resources and other wealth. Thanks to the quick loading times and a fairly interactive graphic for a browser free to play game, it has never been more beautiful and relaxing to build your own empire. The music adds another level, that definitely helps destroying any stress you may have felt over the day. Something you will certainly enjoy is the alert system that tells you when something needs to be done (e.g. gold is exhausted or new buildings are needed). That´s a big plus compare to other MMORTS games. Engaging and battling other players: that´s crucial for the war victory. You will have the chance to face off against your friends and players from around the world in Forge of Empires. The battle system is very tactical, but not only. Two armies face off against one another in a grid. Each player will lead maximum eight units per time and can decide how to move them and attack the opponent. Show your tactical expertise by defeating those players and securing your place at the top!